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What Are UV Disinfection Systems in Wastewater Treatment?

April 19, 2022

Wastewater is something that we all create in our daily lives whether we realize it or not. Every time we wash a dish, take a shower or flush the toilet, wastewater is created and moves out through the system. Since water is a valuable commodity, it is important that it... View Article

Understanding UV Disinfection Systems

December 21, 2021

Treating wastewater is a multi-step process, ranging from filtering out solids to disinfecting the water to get rid of harmful pathogens. Even the groundwater supply is likely to contain bacteria and viruses that can sicken you if you drink the untreated water. While some facilities use chlorine to kill germs,... View Article

Aeration in Wastewater Treatment

October 26, 2020

Do you know how your water is treated once it goes down the drain? Many people are surprised to hear that the air we breathe plays a big role in processing wastewater. In fact, aeration of wastewater is a crucial part of the treatment process in Camden County, MO. Commercial... View Article

What Is UV Water Disinfection and Does It Work?

October 6, 2020

Ultraviolet purification is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting water and eliminating bacteria that might be found in it. UV rays penetrate the harmful pathogens found in a municipal water supply or in a residential well, and kill off any of the microorganisms that might otherwise be harmful... View Article

Headworks: One of the Most Important Parts of the Waste System

September 9, 2020

When you flush your toilet, it’s not the end of the road for your wastewater. The water flows out of your house and into the public waterworks, where it inevitably finds its way into the first—and perhaps most important—part of the public water system: the headworks. As you might expect... View Article

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