Pump Installations in Sunrise Beach, MO

Enviro-Line Co, Inc. can install a wide variety of pumping equipment in Sunrise Beach and Camden County, MO. Our capabilities extend to both retrofit applications, as well as new installations for water and wastewater pumping and treatment systems.

Our company is a factory-authorized service provider and installer, certified by several pump manufactures to rebuild and test pumps before reinstalling. Our service crews can provide a complete electrical and mechanical rebuild/retrofit for any type of stations with current technology and improved performance.

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New Installations

Our experience with all types of pump installations makes us the foremost authority on seeing them integrated into your system. We’ll gladly consult with you about the right well water pump in Sunrise Beach, MO, then see it installed to exact specifications. Our scope of abilities includes both traditional and non-clog impellers:

  • Screw-type, for improved solids handling at high flow/low-medium head applications.
  • Recessed (vortex), for solids handling and eliminating cavitation.
  • Chopper-type pumps, ideal for macerating solids to a slurry.

Alongside choosing the proper impeller type, we handle the specific installation and programming for controls, so your pump works right the first time, every time.

Recondition and Retrofit

Have an old pump and control system that needs to be updated? Our team has the ability to break down your existing equipment, recondition it and provide a comprehensive retrofit. This process maintains the integrity of your equipment and pumping system, while offering a lower-cost alternative to a completely new installation.

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The team at Enviro-Line Co, Inc. is ready to provide you with comprehensive pump installation services, so you can rest confidently in the function of your wastewater system. Our experts are equipped with the skills and experience to install new pumps, as well as recondition and reinstall existing pumps, for optimal performance.

Contact us today at 573-873-5182 to consult with an expert about your specific control panel and pump installation needs.