Wastewater Ban Screens in Sunrise Beach, MO

Wastewater ban screens in Sunrise Beach and Camden County, MO—also called bar screens—are the first line of defense against large refuse and debris within a wastewater treatment system. They’re a must-have before more involved filter and clarification processes. Enviro-Line Co, Inc. provides ban screen products to customers, as well as installation services, to ensure refuse is kept clear of your vital wastewater processing system.

We represent various manufacturers for grit removal and bar screens, including Headworks, Inc. and Schreiber. Both companies offer a range of bar screens, from rotating screw to coarse and fine bar screens.

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Choosing the Right Headworks

Selecting the proper headworks for your wastewater processing facilities is imperative in protecting the various impending stages of sterilization. Removing inorganics, debris and solid refuse takes forethought into the type of headwords best suited for the job.

Our selection of wastewater ban screens covers rotating screw installations, as well as coarse and fine bar screens. Depending on the type of material your system deals with and the nature of the prefiltration process, we can recommend headworks that act appropriately to remove large debris from the equation.

Address Inorganics and Prevent Wear

Barring and removing inorganic materials and large-scale refuse is a first step in the water treatment process. It starts with proper ban screen identification and installation. To understand which wastewater ban screens, clarifiers, or fuzzy screens are right for your operation and to see them installed by qualified professionals, consult with the team at Enviro-Line Co, Inc. Reach us today at 573-873-5182.