Wastewater Installations in Sunrise Beach, MO

If you have a wastewater system installation that demands expertise and careful precision, Enviro-Line Co, Inc. is here to deliver it. We handle wet and dry pit submersibles in Sunrise Beach and Camden County, MO, as well as de-watering and sludge thickening equipment. Trust us for a turnkey installation that meets the needs of your operation.

We represent Blue River Technologies for Geo-Textile bag de-watering, as well as various sludge thickening equipment. We’re also affiliated with KSB and Myers submersible pumps for RAS and WAS pumping.

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New Installations

Our team has the ability to install completely new lift stations and affiliated equipment. We’re set up with confined-space equipment and operational capabilities, allowing us to tailor every installation to the specific parameters of the job. We ensure the complete installation, from start-to-finish, regardless of the equipment involved or the logistics of operation.

Upgrades and Retrofits

If you have a lift station already installed, but it needs modernization or equipment replacement to function at your high standards, give us a call. We’re equipped to handle the retrofit and modernization of all types of lift systems and pneumatic water systems in Sunrise Beach, MO.

We’re available for a complete retrofit of your existing lift station, and we have the ability to replace existing or install new control equipment to ensure total operability.

Get an Expert Installation

Put your wastewater installation project in the hands of a professional. No matter the scope of the installation or the intricacies involved, Enviro-Line Co, Inc. is ready to handle the job. Our broad experience and affiliation with leading OEM producers means you’re guaranteed an exceptional installation, no matter the circumstances. Contact us today at 573-873-5182 to talk more with us about your installation or to consult with our seasoned team on our process for aeration and more.