Wastewater Aeration in Sunrise Beach, MO

Wastewater Aerations

Aeration is a cornerstone in the process of Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR). Enviro-Line Co, Inc. has experience in dealing with wastewater aeration in Sunrise Beach and Camden County, MO, assisting customers in leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to create specific zones of operation. We look forward to helping you customize an aeration solution for your particular wastewater treatment operation.

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Aeration Process

This is the Schreiber/ Parkson Spring Hill, Kansas aeration process.

Extended Aeration Systems

Traditional extended wastewater aerations in Sunrise Beach, MO are all mixing limited. Therefore, mixing requirements are needed to suspend the Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) during the activated sludge process. Typical MLSS range is 2,500-5000 ppm.

Wastewater Aerations Wastewater Aerations

We represent Schreiber Corp. and have over 35 installations of their fine-bubble aeration and clarification equipment in our area. We also represent Gumme-Jaggaer and have multiple installations with their retrieval fine-bubble aerations and KSB submersible mixers. All of these process’s achieve BNR for the best available treatment and energy efficiency plants.

Schreiber Technology

The methodology we use most frequently for BNR is Schreiber Technology. Schreiber Technology has BNR benefits since no dedicated selector basins are required for normal domestic strength wastewater. System design is a 24-hour volume with wastewater aeration on/off blowers and the bridge mixing the basin 24/7. Additional benefits of Schreiber Technology include:

  • BNR without anoxic or anaerobic basins;
  • Blowers on/off depending on system load;
  • Dissolved Oxygen control monitored;
  • Specific Nitrate, Ammonia and Phosphorus monitoring to stringent levels;
  • Hot dipped galvanized to eliminate painting;
  • Retrievable diffusers for easy maintenance;
  • Retrievable clarifiers scraper blades for easy maintenance;
  • Blowers on max 16 hours/day.

Wastewater Aerations Wastewater Aerations

Leveraging Wastewater Aeration Technology

Have questions about BNR and Schreiber Technology? Contact the experienced professionals at Enviro-Line Co, Inc. today to learn more about our experience with wastewater aerations and to inquire about how we can assist you in building a wastewater processing solution that’s aligned with your system’s capacity and treatment quality demands.

Contact us directly at 573-873-5182 to speak with one of our qualified experts on ban screens, clarifiers, and beyond, and let us introduce you to an aeration solution that’s optimal.