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What Are Fuzzy Filters, and How Do They Work?

October 19, 2021

Filters are an essential component of any wastewater treatment system. Without them, water would simply flow through the treatment steps without being purified. There are many filtration products available for a wastewater pump, but one of the latest and greatest is the Fuzzy Filter. Read on to learn more about... View Article

An Overview of How Lift Stations Work

October 5, 2021

Lift stations play an integral role in wastewater treatment. Their main purpose is getting wastewater and storm water where it needs to go. They receive, temporarily store and move the water through a collection system, collecting it from a low point in the collection network and pumping it to the... View Article

What You Need to Know About the Clarification Process in Water Treatment

September 21, 2021

Treating wastewater is a difficult job, requiring primary, secondary and ballasted clarification to remove suspended solids. Responsible wastewater companies follow this process to meet all treatment requirements and ensure the safe handling of wastewater. If you’re looking for the right clarification system for your treatment plant, here’s a closer look... View Article

Why Water Treatment Is Important

August 31, 2021

The thought of what happens to water once it leaves homes or commercial buildings probably doesn’t cross most of our minds, but wastewater treatment is an essential component of our everyday lives. If we didn’t treat our wastewater, we’d be at higher risk for catching diseases, and our lakes and... View Article

How the Wastewater Treatment Process Works

August 17, 2021

Most of us don’t think about water once it goes down the drain or toilet, but comprehensive wastewater management is an important part of our society. Without it, we’d be drinking contaminated water! This post will teach you the steps wastewater companies go through to keep our water clean. Screening... View Article

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