Enviro-Line Co, Inc.

Enviro-Line Co, Inc. has been locally-owned and -operated since 1971. We are representatives for manufacturers of water and wastewater pumping and treatment equipment, proud to offer high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We strive to understand your pumping and treatment needs, to ensure they’re consistently and thoroughly met. Contact us today for information about products and services.

The Authority on Wastewater Pumping and Treatment Equipment

From the single sewer line that connects a residential home to the greater municipal sewer system, to the city-wide processing of wastewater and effluent, Enviro-Line Co, Inc. is at the center of it all. As a leader among wastewater companies in Camden County, MO, we pride ourselves on delivering products and service solutions at-scale. Whether it’s residential grinder pump installation, factory-built lift station service, or advisory services for UV disinfection, turn to us for solutions that meet your water treatment needs.

While other pump companies in Camden County, MO can provide reputable products, few match the comprehensive understanding of Enviro-Line Co, Inc. in putting them to work. We maintain the integrity of your wastewater processing system by getting to know its needs. We’re familiar working in accordance with state and federal water quality standards, as well as within the capabilities of various products. Through our broad oversight, your wastewater system will get the oversight it needs to run efficiently, reliably and effectively.

Consult with our knowledgeable professionals today to learn more about the products we supply. We look forward to being your ongoing partner for wastewater systems service and maintenance, ensuring it’s always in good hands. Take a look at just a few more reasons we’ve been the go-to resource for more than 40 years:

  • We stock and supply a broad range of pumps and filters, including pumps with various impeller styles. We also specialize in supplying fuzzy filters to customers.
  • Our service capabilities include all forms of repair, replacement, maintenance and retrofitting for pump stations, pump products and wastewater treatment systems.
  • We work on wastewater and effluent handling systems of all sizes, from residential single-family installations to large-scale municipal systems.
  • As a proven wastewater expert, we have over 450 customers ranging from individuals to developments and municipalities.
  • We’re proud members of the Lake of the Ozarks Chamber of Commerce. We strive to maintain strong ties to the communities we serve.

Contact the Wastewater Experts

If you have a wastewater system with unique product or service demands, give our experienced team a call. We supply solutions, tailored to your specific system and its capacity.

Proudly providing the best pumps and wastewater treatments to the following areas:
  • Sunrise Beach, MO
  • Osawatomie, KS
  • Camden County, MO
  • Morgan County, MO
  • Missouri
  • Kansas
  • Alexander County, IL
  • Franklin County, IL
  • Gallaltin County, IL
  • Hamilton County, IL
  • Hardin County, IL
  • Jackson County, IL
  • Johnson County, IL
  • Massac County, IL
  • Perry County, IL