UV Disinfection in Sunrise Beach, MO

UV Disinfection

Among the most effective wastewater treatment methods out there is UV disinfection in Sunrise Beach and Camden County, MO. At Enviro-Line Co, Inc., we specialize in providing our customers with critical products and UV elimination systems designed to achieve optimal disinfection. We’re glad to consult with you on your UV disinfection system and critical solutions.

We represent Neo-Tec for small flows (1 MGD and smaller) and Calgon for larger flows (greater than 1 MGD). Both systems are self-cleaning and very economical.

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UV Disinfection Overview

UV disinfection is an effective method to remove coliform and microorganisms through exposure to a specific wavelength of light. That 254 nanometer(nm) light wavelength is invisible to the naked eye, but penetrates the cell wall to disrupt the DNA of microbes. Disturbed DNA ensures the microbe cannot reproduce.

UV Disinfection UV Disinfection

High Lamp Outage Module

For UV treatment, we recommend the Wedeco low-pressure, high lamp outage module in Sunrise Beach, MO. It’s the most efficient system, with the advantage of self-cleaning sleeves. Take a look at some of its other innovative design features and how the Wedeco system matches up with competitor options:

Examples of Local Installations

  • Horton, KS: 1 MGD trickling filter effluent
  • Spring Hill, KS: 5 MGD activated sludge effluent
  • Rockaway Beach, MO: 2 MGD activated sludge effluent
  • Seaboard Corporation: 3 MGD activated sludge poultry plant
  • Baldwin City, KS: 3 MGD activated sludge effluent
  • Basehor, KS: 3 MGD activated sludge effluent

UV Disinfection Solutions

If you have a UV disinfection system set up or are in the process of implementing this technology, consult with the control and installation experts at Enviro-Line Co, Inc. Reach us today at 573-873-5182 to discuss Wedeco low-pressure, high lamp outage modules and strategies to maximize disinfection.