Wastewater Pumps in Sunrise Beach, MO

Enviro-Line Co, Inc. is the authority on water and wastewater pump solutions, serving the demands of systems large and small. We work accordingly with our customers to help them choose the right submersible pumps in Sunrise Beach, MO for their needs, based on broad variables. Trust us to exercise our expertise and experience in pursuit of providing you with an optimal solution that meets the demands of your water or wastewater system.

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Submersible Water Pump

Impeller Types and Options

Throughout the years, traditional and non-clog pump impellers have been expanded from the classic two-vane, to three-vane, screw-type, recessed-type, and chopper-type impellers.

The highest efficiency impeller types are two- and three-vane impellers; solids must pass through the impeller before being discharged. Most previous specifications were written around this pump impeller style; but care must be used to prevent cavitation.

Following these staple options, the next most efficient pump impeller is the screw-type impeller. The Archimedes screw design allows for improved solids handling at high flow/low-medium head applications. The recessed (vortex) impeller is the least efficient, but best at solids handling and eliminating cavitation. It creates a tornado prior to discharge.

In addition to these impeller types, chopper-type pumps include an attachment which acts like a garbage disposal to macerate solids to a slurry.

Engineering Data

A centrifugal wastewater pump in Sunrise Beach or Camden County, MO has higher pump discharge pressure, providing less volume as compared to lower pressure, higher volume pumps. For each style of submersible utility pump and pump station, we must apply engineering details for proper design and application or selection. We use the following information and variables in consideration of pump selection:

Station Design Information

  • Application/Type of pump
  • Duty conditions
  • Voltage/Controls
  • Wet well diameter
  • Discharge pipe size/length

Pump Selection

  • Pump impeller type
  • System curve, pump curve
  • Operating point/GPM at TDH
  • Mechanical seal material

Supplying the Right Pump for the Job

Consult with Enviro-Line Co, Inc. to learn more about the pumps we provide, which include both dry pit and wet pit submersible water pumps. We’ll be glad to walk you through the process of selecting the right pump for your system, utilizing broad engineering data to ensure it’s well-suited to perform in its intended application.

Reach our team today by calling 573-873-5182. We’ll be happy to lend our expertise and experience to your water and flow control systems and ensure proper wastewater pump performance.