What Are UV Disinfection Systems in Wastewater Treatment?

April 19, 2022

Wastewater is something that we all create in our daily lives whether we realize it or not. Every time we wash a dish, take a shower or flush the toilet, wastewater is created and moves out through the system. Since water is a valuable commodity, it is important that it be cleaned so it can be reintroduced into the water table. Water is a finite resource; the earth is not making more of it. Responsible cleaning of the water that we have is our best option. UV disinfection is a valuable tool. Here is how it works.

How UV Disinfection Works on Wastewater Treatment Systems

UV disinfection systems in wastewater treatment plants are a highly effective and safe means of killing and removing harmful microbes from the water so it can be further cleaned and reintroduced to the water table. UV light, like the rays from the sun, can be very strong. It has the ability to kill and neutralize microbes that may be present in wastewater after it has been used.

The system begins with a process by which water is introduced to the disinfection system. It is then exposed to UV light at a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers, and the water is then allowed to go back to the water table. This is a very specific process, as the UV rays have to be at a certain level in order to be strong enough to kill things like microbes, molds, viruses, and even other microorganisms that might be hiding out. A great example would be the rays from the sun that we come in contact with each day. Though they can be harmful to us humans, causing sunburns and potentially cancer, they are not strong enough to disinfect.

Where Are UV Disinfection Systems Used?

This is not a type of system that you would have in your home. Rather, these systems are more often used in industrial applications like the food and beverage industry to sterilize the water needed to run the factories, in the biopharmaceutical industry to help clean water and keep harmful chemicals out of the process and more. This is an effective and safe means of sterilization that does not require the use of added chemicals and other compounds that can be dangerous and that come with their own potential dangers.

This is a typical step in the cleaning and sterilization of communal and municipal water sources as well. This is a fantastic process that helps to cut down on water waste so that we can make sure that we are going to have the water we need to keep on living and thriving. By cleaning and disinfecting the water, we can save more water and truly help make a positive change in our world. Water is a precious commodity. Making sure we are doing all we can to conserve it and use it responsibly is a must and UV sanitation is a step in the right direction.

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