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Nutrient Removal and Energy Savings

December 20, 2019

Nutrient removal is part of the wastewater treatment process that removes excess ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorous from the effluent. Typically, ammonia is converted to nitrate, then the water is denitrified before it is eventually allowed to reenter the environment via bodies of receiving water. It’s crucial to remove these nutrients,... View Article

How You Can Use KSB Pumps for Flood Control in Camden County, MO

December 18, 2019

Alongside the rise of extreme weather conditions comes the rise of flooding. Wastewater treatment facilities are particularly susceptible to being damaged or incapacitated by flooding, which can prove to have disastrous results. There’s almost always a loss of power, danger to the personnel and asset damage. Municipalities are unable to... View Article

UV and Self-Cleaning Wastewater Disinfection in Camden County, MO

December 16, 2019

Clean water is becoming an increasingly costly resource, thanks to pollution and increasing regulations, which is why more companies and wastewater treatment facilities are turning to UV disinfection and self-cleaning wastewater systems. How does UV wastewater disinfection work? Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection kills or inactivates bacteria, viruses, protozoa and more by... View Article

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