KSB Pumps And Their Use In Flood Control

March 6, 2023

KSB has been one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers for over 150 years. The company is headquartered in Frankenthal (Pfalz), Germany, and has manufacturing plants, sales and marketing organizations and service operations on every continent. The company’s products are used in a wide range of industries including building and industrial technology, water transport, wastewater treatment and power plant processes. KSB’s centrifugal pumps are known worldwide for their high reliability and maximum performance.


KSB’s technically advanced drainage pumps are ideally suited to handling large volumes of water at relatively low heads. For example, they were used at the La Caldera pumping station in Mexico to transfer rainwater from low-level areas across dams and dikes. For these purposes, KSB offers the Amacan submersible pump, the SEZ tubular casing pump and the Beveron volute casing pump. These are available with plain bearings in robust materials lubricated by the fluid handled, as well as impellers with large free passages to prevent clogging.


Storm-water and flooding will often place a heavy load on drainage pumps. They must start up reliably, run at full pump power output and deliver maximum performance. To meet these demands, KSB pumps are used in flood control to ensure the transfer of large volumes of water at low heads. They are also suitable for transferring rainwater from lower-level areas across dams and dikes. KSB’s technically advanced Amacan submersible pumps are well-suited for this application and guarantee flood-prone areas are reliably drained. The pumps in the North Renfrew Flood Prevention Scheme near Glasgow, for example, are powered by four variable speed Amacan pumps. These are part of a larger project involving Ferrier Pumps Ltd and Renfrewshire Council.


Sewer pumps are a crucial part of any sewer system. They help move solid waste from drainage points to disposal areas, whether it’s a private septic tank or public sewer system. It’s important to maintain your pump so that it runs smoothly and safely. Regular maintenance can help you detect issues and make them a lot easier to resolve. KSB provides a wide range of services to support the maintenance of your slurry and non-slurry pump stations. These include the KSB Guard, which monitors all connected pumps in parallel and immediately alerts you to any irregularities.

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