How Fuzzy Filters Can Help Clean Your Water From Microplastics

February 6, 2023

The need for clean and safe drinking water is a universal one. That is also why we continue developing new and better water filtration systems. One of those new systems is known as the fuzzy filter, and the benefits of fuzzy filters are making news and cleaner and safer water for people everywhere.

What Are Fuzzy Filters?

First manufactured by Bosman as Fuzzy Filter® balls, these filters are essentially a ball of wrapped synthetic fibers held together with a clip. And yes, they look just like a fuzzy ball.

Some of the many benefits of fuzzy filters are that they require no need for sizeable clarifiers, and they absorb at least three times as much as other filters (e.g., sand, cloth). This filter concept was used to solve pollution problems in Germany. The result was that fuzzy filter systems removed 95% of trace substances, along with phosphorus and microplastics.

How Fuzzy Filters Work

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that result from both commercial product development and the breakdown of larger plastics. As a pollutant, microplastics can harm the environment and animal health. – National Geographic

Fuzzy filters work by removing these and other potentially dangerous contaminants. With the fuzzy filter system, wastewater and contaminated water flows from top to bottom.

As the water passes through, the synthetic fibers collect the micro-pollutants (microplastics, etc.), removing as much as 95.5% of the contaminants. The effectiveness of this filtration system has made fuzzy filters a valuable solution for many people.  

Fuzzy filters are effective, provide many benefits, and have handled the job in real-world scenarios. Clean and safe water and wastewater treatment is something we all need. With better, smarter, and more efficient filtration systems like fuzzy filters, we can all feel a little better about the water we use every day.

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