What Is a Vertical Turbine Pump

January 23, 2023

When water gets too deep or floods rooms or other locations where it is not supposed to be, a vertical turbine pump is a terrific way to get rid of excess water. What are vertical turbines? They are very efficient at expelling water in great volumes or transporting water to where you want it to go.

The benefits of vertical turbines are very well-established. In addition to getting rid of excess water, vertical turbines are commonly used to transport water to:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Faucets inside homes and commercial buildings
  • Irrigation sprinklers

Vertical turbines are one of the best ways to expel and transport water due to their design and construction. They also can work under varying conditions and in different types of configurations.

How Vertical Turbine Pumps Work

Another answer to “what are vertical turbines” is that they are rotodynamic pumps that either have radial flow impellers or modified radial flow impellers configured in a vertical position. The flow impellers use multistage pumps to propel the water up through the impellers that are encased in a bowl-like metal container.

Each impeller provides the energy needed to move the water quickly from one location to another. The vertical turbine pumps often are configured in either short-set pumps or deep-well pumps that do different things.

Deep-Well vs. Short-Set Pumps

A deep-well vertical turbine pump is commonly used in a well drilled and goes deep into the ground or perhaps a concrete structure. The first stage of the impellers rests below the water level so that the pump can move the water up and out of the drilled well.

The multistage design of vertical turbine pumps enables the water to flow at a continuous rate with each stage of pumps moving it. The pumps are mainly used to move water from deep underground to the surface. They commonly are features in homes, commercial buildings, and farming operations.

Short-set pumps lack the very long length of deep-well pumps. Because they are shorter than deep-well pumps, short-set pumps use fewer impellers to move water. The short-set pumps are often no more than 40 feet long and often used in water pits.

Different Jobs for Deep-Well and Short-Set Pumps

The primary difference between deep-well and short-set pumps is how deep the water is located. The deep-well pumps generally collect and move water from groundwater sources. A short-set pump handles water at or much closer to the surface. Both types of pumps mostly accomplish the same tasks.

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