Why Vacuum Prime Pumps Are Important

December 5, 2022

We all turn the water on and off every day, but how often do we think about how that water gets to where it is going? How does that water get from the 1st floor to the 6th or even the 13th floor of that high rise? The answer to that question begins with an introduction of vacuum priming pumps and systems.

Vacuum priming pumps are typically located near the top of the water tank. In the priming stages, the pump creates a vacuum using a rotating impeller. During the pumping stage, which acts more like a vacuum (hence the name), water replaces the air in the suction pipes and pump. 

Vacuum prime pumps are employed whenever water needs to be pumped vertically upward. In addition to offering an effective and flexible means of delivering water, vacuum prime pumping systems also provide many other benefits.

The Benefits of Vacuum Priming Pumps

It is a great benefit to have the ability to easily and feasibly transport water, especially if you are on the 13th floor of that high rise. Moving water and liquid vertically from lower to higher points, however, requires vacuum priming pumps.

Older water systems and pumps were notoriously slow and often took a long time or encountered glitches in the transportation process. Vacuum prime pumps have a continual vacuum system and eliminate the priming time and delay in delivery.

Another benefit vacuum prime pumps deliver is a less expensive option for water routing. These vacuum pump systems require less (or no) construction, including expenses such as labor and materials, 

These pumps also require zero labor to operate. That means there will never be a need to fill suction piping or pumps with water. The benefits of vacuum priming pumps also include the ability to solve common water delivery issues.

Dry seasons, droughts, and low water levels can create issues for traditional water delivery systems. As a result of the vacuum action created by vacuum prime pumps, water levels have little to no impact on its ability to deliver water whenever you want it.

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