What You Need to Know About UV Disinfection for Drinking Water

April 6, 2021

Whether you own a food service business or you have a pool on your property in Camden County, MO, UV disinfection is an innovative and effective way to clean water. UV disinfection is important for drinking water, as well as any water that will come into contact with the human body. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative water treatment option.

What do UV disinfection systems do?

Water disinfection can be done with UV light of wavelength 253.7 nanometers. At this wavelength, the light destroys the DNA of microorganisms, effectively eliminating bacteria, mold, algae and more from the water. Since these microorganisms multiply and grow if left unchecked, UV disinfection is important because it kills it all, making sure nothing’s able to multiply further. This process is used to disinfect drinking water, and to process water and wastewater.

How do UV disinfection systems work?

The basic principle of UV disinfection systems is that the light destroys the DNA of all microorganisms in the water. UV disinfection is important for drinking water especially, because bacteria in the water can make humans and animals very sick. When the DNA of these microorganisms is destroyed, they become inactive and unable to multiply.

UV disinfection systems use high mercury discharge lamps, also known as UV lamps, to produce strong intensities of UV energy. When the correct dose of UV light is directed at a water source, no bacteria, viruses, mold or other microorganisms can survive. This makes UV disinfection the best solution for cleaning drinking water.

What are the industrial uses for UV disinfection systems?

A variety of industries in Camden County, MO rely on UV disinfection systems to ensure clean water. Here are just a few of the commercial applications of these systems:

  • Food and beverage industries: Without high-quality water, you can’t have high-quality food and beverages. A UV disinfection system helps you prepare safer, better-tasting food. More importantly, it helps you achieve high-quality water as mandated by the FDA.
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics manufacturers rely on UV sterilization to ensure quality products and enhance their shelf life.
  • Bio-pharmaceutical: Healthcare products need completely clean water that’s free from all chemicals, ozone and pathogens. Pharmaceutical companies worldwide rely on UV treatment systems for safe, healthy water.
  • Swimming pools: While chlorine has traditionally been used to treat water in swimming pools, recent research shows that using chemicals to disinfect pool water can actually create new chemicals. UV disinfection has been proven to be a safer and more cost-effective solution to disinfect water in swimming pools.
  • Wastewater treatment: Both water scarcity and the rising cost of fresh water make UV disinfection systems a smart investment for wastewater treatment. There are special systems that disinfect wastewater so it can be used for purposes like gardening, flushing and more.

Now that you’ve learned why UV disinfection is important for clean drinking water, and for many other purposes in Camden County, MO, you’ll see that a UV disinfection system is a smart investment. Contact Enviro-Line Co., Inc. today to learn more about your water treatment options.

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