Strategies for Maximizing Pump Station Efficiency

March 23, 2021

Are you undertaking the process of designing a pump station control? Learning how to maximize pump station efficiency is key to creating a reliable, efficient control pump station in Camden County, MO. Here are some strategies for maximizing efficiency as you create a new pump station.

Why is efficiency important?

Remember that even small design considerations can have a big impact on the overall performance of your pump system in Camden County, MO. Selecting the right system for your needs is the best way to maximize pump station efficiency and reduce your fuel or electricity costs. Choosing the wrong system can increase these costs dramatically, and there’s also the possibility of excessive wear and tear on the pump if it’s working beyond its capacity. When a pump is completely efficient, its mechanical horsepower input (fuel or energy used to power the pump) is equal to the water horsepower output.

Prioritizing energy economy

If you’re creating a pump station in an area where energy costs vary according to the time of day, an economy pumping strategy will help save you money. By using an ultrasonic system, you can program the pump to work at a low setting before the time of day when energy costs are highest. At this time, the well fills to a higher level, and the pump only operates at a point that’s just higher than the lowest operational level, reducing the energy needed to start the pump.

As long as you adhere to regulations, this could be a good option for your project. Make sure that your system’s able to detect weather flow during storms so the pump is able to switch on and work normally when the volume of water increases unexpectedly.

Monitoring infiltration

If your pump station is connected to a closed sewer system, you need to be sure you’re not pumping rainwater through degraded pipes. Take notice of flow increases during a storm, which could indicate that the pipes need to be repaired. While it’s a difficult process, this will reduce the pumping and save energy.

Checking performance

Use an advanced ultrasonic system to monitor each pump’s performance. The benefit of these systems is that the pump operator will get notice of failing or underperforming pumps and be able to pinpoint where maintenance or replacements are needed. If you’re designing a station that will have pumps with varying capacities, an advanced ultrasonic system can be programmed to cycle various pumps on or off according to flow rates. This increases efficiency, since high-capacity pumps that consume the most energy can be turned on only when they’re absolutely needed. Investing in an advanced controller is a smart move that helps you optimize operations, maximizing pump station efficiency and reducing the chance of power surges.

There’s a lot to consider when designing pump station control in Camden County, MO. Learning how to maximize pump station efficiency helps you work with design professionals and suppliers to create systems that provide long-term value. Contact Enviro-Line Co., Inc. today to learn more about how we can help with pump station design.

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