Pump and Design Solutions for Stubborn Wastewater Clogs

December 14, 2019

Having any kind of wastewater system means it’s important to know exactly what you’re flushing down the toilet or putting down the drain, especially if you own a grinder pump system.

Unfortunately, with the prevalence of non-woven “disposable” or “flushable” products these days, wastewater pumping systems can easily become clogged. If that happens to you, call the pros at Enviro-Line Co., Inc for pump maintenance in Camden County, MO.

Preventing wastewater clogs

Making sure your wastewater system runs free and clear is a group effort, whether most people realize it or not. Manufacturers of so-called disposable, flushable hygiene products are improving their technology and design to create truly flushable and biodegradable versions. Meanwhile, municipalities are making an effort to let citizens know what can be flushed and what needs to be thrown away. Engineers are working on improved wastewater designs, both for septic tanks and sewer systems. Finally, pump manufacturers are creating new hydraulic designs that can grind w/o clogging.

Design recommendations and KSB Next Generation pumps

At Enviro-Line Co., Inc, we proudly offer a two-pronged approach to wastewater pumping: design recommendations to maximize efficiency and KSB Next Generation pumps to help tackle the worst clogs. We evaluate your entire system and what kind of wastewater you’re working with, so we can decide which pump and impeller will offer maximum efficiency and minimal downtime or maintenance.

The pump and impeller are the heart of the septic system. Impellers help move waste, but they can easily become clogged. KSB designs their impellers with a minimal number of vanes to avoid clogs, with a focus on preventing risks of clogging from long fibrous materials, like “flushable” wipes.

Enviro-Line Co., Inc. uses specific engineering data to determine the pump discharge pressure so that we can recommend and install the right pump and impeller. This includes the specific application it will be used for, voltage, duty conditions and more. Together, we evaluate the best way to keep fluid moving through the system clog-free.
Whether you’re designing a wastewater system from scratch, need pump maintenance in Camden County, MO or require a complete overhaul, we’re sure to be able to find a solution that works for your system.

Get pump maintenance in Camden County, MO

When your system is slower than it should be and you need pump maintenance in Camden County, MO, call us. Enviro-Line Co., Inc. has been locally owned and operated since 1971. We are representatives for manufacturers of water and wastewater pumping and treatment equipment, proud to offer high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We work with everyone from single homes to commercial facilities, doing installs, replacements, repairs and maintenance. Contact us today to find out how we can help your wastewater system.

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