How Vacuum Prime Pump Stations Can Fit Seamlessly Into the Neighborhood

December 22, 2019

Priming systems are used when water needs to be lifted to a higher elevation. Before most pumps can be used, they need to be filled with water—this is called “priming the pump.” That’s easy if your water source is above the pump, but when it’s lower, that can pose major problems. It’s especially a problem for locations high above sea level, as the lower atmosphere makes it more difficult to raise the water level.

Vacuum prime pumps provide a simple solution to this problem by making sure the water pumps are always full and ready to be used. Originally designed for subdivisions and small communities, their technology has advanced to make them leak-proof and ultra-reliable. Today, they’re used widely in wastewater treatment applications. Enviro-Line Co., Inc. is proud to supply and install HFE Process vacuum prime pumps in Camden County, MO. Read on to find out if these systems might be right for your neighborhood wastewater treatment.

How vacuum prime pumps work

Vacuum prime pumps usually have one or more liquid ring vacuum pumps, which are mounted on top of a receiver tank. When the system is started, it starts a vacuum line, removing air and creating suction. This pulls the water up to the tank. The water then rises until it reaches the appropriate level, fills all water pumps and ensures they are always ready to use. This saves you the trouble of slow startup procedures.

Vacuum prime pumps are best suited for small subdivisions and communities, pumping to wastewater treatment facilities and for schools. When you select a vacuum prime pump system, you’ll need to consider not only your elevation (which will have an effect on its efficiency), but also the speed at which you’ll need the pumps to operate (the cubic feet capacity per minute rating, or CFM). This will help us design and install a custom vacuum prime pump system which meets your exact specifications.

Utility cover design helps vacuum prime pumps fit in

Of course, no one really wants to look at wastewater pumps and control systems in their neighborhood—they’re not exactly an aesthetic ideal. Enviro-Line Co., Inc. supplies and installs HFE Process vacuum prime pump systems that are easily hidden. Designed to look like utility boxes, they’re an unobtrusive way to guarantee that the above-grade vacuum prime pump controls stay secure, locked and hidden away.

Vacuum prime pumps in Camden County, MO

Look no further than Enviro-Line Co., Inc. for all of your vacuum prime pump and HFE Process above-grade priming stations. Enviro-Line Co., Inc. has been locally owned and operated since 1971, and our highly-skilled team would be glad to help you design and install a vacuum prime pump system in your home, business, city or other location. We are representatives for manufacturers of water and wastewater pumping and treatment equipment, offering high-quality products and service to everyone from single homes to commercial facilities. Call us today for more information about installations, replacements, repairs and maintenance, or to schedule a consultation.

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