The Advantages of Valve Vaults in Wastewater Lift Stations

May 30, 2020

Valve vaults offer significant advantages for in-ground wastewater lift stations. A lift station is part of a wastewater system that pushes wastewater up to public sewer lines when those lines are above the property’s elevation.

Valve vaults in lift stations in Camden County, MO house the entire unit underground, which has benefits for the operators as well as the property owners. They tend to be easier to use, there are fewer confined space restrictions and you can reduce the possibility that corrosion will attack your valve assembly.

Here’s why a valve vault lift station may be right for you:

  • Easy to use: When your lift station has mechanical problems, it’s important that the operator can see and diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. It’s much easy for operators and repair technicians to look over the equipment, diagnose problems and fix them in a timely manner. Other types of lift stations make it hard to see the equipment, let alone know what to do in order to repair it. Valve vault stations put everything on display in a neat and tidy manner, and give the operator enough space to use the necessary tools.
  • Fewer space restrictions: Speaking of having enough space to use repair tools, the confined space restrictions are fewer when you use valve vaults in lift stations in Camden County, MO. Below-grade valves are harder to repair and maintain, unless you use a valve vault—otherwise, the valves would be in the wet well, which is harder to access and can expose your equipment to corrosion and decay. Using a valve vault eliminates the need for special training to get into the confined space and perform the appropriate repairs.
  • Avoid corrosion: Finally, valve vaults help prevent corrosion on your valve assembly. Sewage creates hydrogen sulfide gas over time or in hot climates, and even small amounts can damage your wastewater lift station’s valve assembly. Using a valve vault completely separates the equipment from the potential hydrogen sulfide gas, which ensures that your equipment will last as long as possible.

In short, if you want your lift station to last as long as expected, without requiring special training for workers to repair and maintain the system, consider using a valve vault. It’s a smart investment that will help you keep your lift station in the best shape possible. They also make it much safer and easier for workers to do their job—no one is going to complain about having a way to make any job simpler and more streamlined.

Could a valve vault station be right for you? If you’re a commercial operator, there’s no question that valve vaults will make your life easier for decades down the road. On the other hand, if you’re a residential operator, you might not need one—or it could be cost prohibitive, depending on your needs and property.

To determine whether a valve vault wastewater lift station is right for your Camden County, MO property, call the team at Enviro-Line Co., Inc. today.

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